Our Values

At Cinium, our values are central to everything we do. Our values guide our actions and decisions every day. We believe these values are integral to our success and the success of our clients.

Integrity is Our Core

At the core of Cinium is integrity.  With clients, integrity means that we under promise and over deliver. We never make excuses. We keep our commitments; we do what we say and say what we do. We are considerate of everyone’s time.

Stewardship of Company Assets

Cinium’s assets are its people, its clients and its reputation. If we lose the last, then the loss of the first two will surely follow.

Work Toward Success

Our success is measured by the success of our clients. Our growth and prosperity depends on theirs.

Strive to Achievement

Each employee treats their coworkers with dignity; acts in the spirit of team work and camaraderie; seeks to improve their department; contributes to the best of their ability; and strives toward the highest level of achievement.

Embrace Change

We embrace change and innovation. We are not afraid of a new idea or an improvement in process. We seek to enhance our productivity knowing that there is always another worthy task to which we can devote newly found time. All suggestions for improvement are encouraged and welcome.

Take Action

We value the doer of deeds over the critic of another’s actions. The credit goes to those who strive, fail and strive to do again. We know that only through great effort can come great success.

Respect Others

We treat our clients, employees and competitors with the highest degree of respect. However, we always seek to add value to our clients, advance our employees and best our competitors.

Build Relationships

Our business is based on relationships. We will forego a one-time opportunity today for a long-term relationship tomorrow.


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