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Our Bonding and Cashflow Support Program provides bid, payment and performance bonds to small and mid-sized contractors with credit issues or weak finances. We designed this program specifically for contractors who may not be eligible for bonding through the standard market. In addition to obtaining a surety bond for the contractor, as part of the program we offer a range of customizable, value-added services that minimize risk to the owner and benefit the contractor. These services include back office administration, project accounting, vendor discount negotiations, and requisition cash advances on materials and supplies, all of which can potentially increase the contractor’s credit rating.

Once a contractor is enrolled in the Bonding and Cashflow Support Program, they will have access to the following:

By working with Cinium, your contractor clients will gain access to a team of construction accounting experts averaging more than 20 years in the construction industry. We understand the financial challenges and setbacks contractors often face during a project and our support services aim to eliminate or reduce these issues. We quickly get contractors enrolled in our Bonding and Cashflow Support Program so they can get the bonding they need for the projects they want.


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