Client Contract Analysis

Contractor Solutions:

Our Client Contractor Analysis service provides contractors with a thorough review of their project contract by our team of seasoned industry professionals.

Because we know construction, we know what to look for. We can help contractors to understand the specific language of their contracts, and provide a guide to how the language can affect them on and off the job site. This helps to improve communicate with project owners and general contractors, and also allows them to manage their projects more effectively.

Key Features:

  • Each project’s contract is reviewed in full by construction professionals with decades of experience.
  • Contractors are provided with a complete breakdown of the contract, with specific insights related to: scheduling, budgets, contingencies, allowances, alternates, wage and unions regulations and more.
  • Contractors are made aware of unfair or limiting contract language, so that they can avoid going over the approved budget, facing liquidated damages, or non-payment for services performed.
Client Contract Analysis