Surety Bonds

Contractor Solutions:

Surety Bonds for Contractors with a Proven Track Record

At Cinium, we are experts in the non-standard bond market. We specialize in bonding contractors who have a proven track record but may not have the financial strength to secure a surety bond through the standard bond market.

Key Features Include:

  • Bid, performance and payment bonds for contractors with credit issues or weak finances
  • Contractor Credit Program provides surety bonds plus value-added services, such as back office support and requisition cash advances
  • Underwriting based on professional experience and ability, not just finances
  • Bonds are A.M. Best A-Rated and we can bond projects requiring a “T-Listed” surety
Surety Bonds

More Information about Surety Bonds

Our team of construction experts is highly qualified to evaluate a contractor’s ability to complete a project. This allows us to underwrite surety bonds based on a contractor’s competency and professional track record, while giving less weight to financial factors.

Including surety bonds in your product offering lets your contractor clients depend on you for both insurance and bonding needs, rather than relying on another agent for bonding services. Since few sureties or agents are equipped to serve the non-standard bond market, catering to this specialized niche is a smart way to attract new business. We will walk you through the entire process to help you bond even the most challenging cases.


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