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By working with Cinium, you can grow your agency by obtaining access to a specialty surety product with a trusted partner. Our partnership with a dedicated specialty surety market, on A.M. Best A-rated paper from a Class VIII specialty surety carrier, allows us to help you bond even the most challenging cases.

We offer a Bonding and Cashflow Support Program for non-standard small and mid-sized contractors, as well as commercial and miscellaneous bonds.

Our program is unique in the industry because we provide your clients with more than just a surety bond — we provide a complete package of value-added support services to your clients. These services are designed to save your client time and money as they complete their project.

Some of the benefits to you and your clients include:

  • Unique non-standard Bonding and Cashflow Support Program
  • A.M. Best A-rated paper
  • Extensive value-added services at a cost-effective rate
  • Collateral rarely required
  • Underwriting based on contractor’s experience and integrity
  • No minimum premium production requirements
  • Bond projects requiring a “T-Listed” surety

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Get your free contract bond quote. We bond commercial projects with a minimum bond amount of $100,000.

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