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How to Help Your Clients Improve Their Cash Flow with Requisition Cash Advances

When your contractor clients are working on a project, they often encounter some roadblocks. Project owners pay them late, bills pile up, and before they know it, contractors find themselves without enough cash available to pay their vendors or buy the equipment they need.

And when vendors aren’t paid, your clients are at risk for defaulting on their bonds—probably not exactly the happy ending that they (or you) had envisioned when embarking on the project.

Cinium created the Requisition Cash Advance program to help prevent this from happening—to ensure that there are no cash-flow roadblocks and contractors can get the project funds to keep their projects running smoothly.

Intrigued? Then let’s cut to the chase. Read on to find out three ways that Requisition Cash Advances can help your contractor clients improve their cash flow.

1. Negotiate Discounts

Because Requisition Cash Advances allow your contractor clients to pay more money upfront and early, vendors are more likely to be flexible and give them deals on materials. Requisition Cash Advances can allow them to buy equipment in bulk, which can also result in favorable pricing. Consequently, your clients can save money over the course of their projects.

2. No Interest or Late Fees

At Cinium, our Requisition Cash Advances come with no interest or late fees—just a small fee for each transaction. In other words, your contractor clients get to spend less and save more.

3. No Additional or Hidden Costs

With Cinium’s Requisition Cash Advances, what you see is what you get. Which means that your contractor clients don’t have to worry about hidden costs; our advances come with no upfront costs, no closing costs, no annual rate, no late payment rate and two-year financials aren’t required.

Summing Up 

In order for a project to be successful from beginning to end, it’s important to maintain proper cash flow. But unfortunately, many of your contractor clients find themselves running out of—or short on—cash over the course of the project.

Requisition Cash Advances help your contractor clients to improve their cash flow by allowing them to pay their vendors on time and save money by:

  • Negotiating deals on materials and equipment
  • Not paying any interest or late fees
  • Not paying any additional or hidden costs

For some projects, your contractor clients might get by without any Requisition Cash Advances at all. And other projects, they might need several Requisition Cash Advances.

Regardless, they will have the peace of mind knowing that they can always afford the materials they need to get the job done.

Want to find out more about how Requisition Cash Advances can help your contractor clients to improve their cash flow? Schedule a free consultation today.


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