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After the Hurricanes, We’re Ready to Help

In recent weeks, we have all witnessed the devastation and destruction that has been brought to the Houston area, the Atlantic Caribbean Islands, and our home state of Florida.

This hits especially close to home for us. While our doors are open, the area of Miami that is our home and headquarters is still flooded, and many people that we work with on a daily basis have seen their businesses and their lives impacted by Harvey and Irma.

And yet, when I speak with everyone on our Cinium team and our clients, their first thoughts aren’t for themselves. The question they all ask is, “what can I do to help?”

As we all recover, we know that we also want to help. That’s why we have partnered with the American Red Cross to provide as much support as possible in the weeks and months ahead.

In addition, we work with many contractors throughout the affected areas, and we know that many of them will be needed to help restore and rebuild what has been lost. That is why a portion of our proceeds from every project we help support for our clients in the relief effort, will be contributed to the Red Cross.

This is only a small step. The work of rebuilding will be long and difficult, but we know that it can be done and at Cinium it is our desire to help in whatever way we can.

If you’d like to make a donation today, please visit the American Red Cross donation portal on the Cinium website.


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