For General Contractors

Minimize Risk While Working with Your Preferred Subcontractors

We work with General Contractors to help them work with their preferred subcontractors. By working with Cinium, you will get the satisfaction of working with the subcontractors you want along with the peace of mind that you’re protected from additional risk. If your insurer does not require bonding for your subcontractors, our Project Accounting services can protect you from claims. Our experienced construction accounting team oversees the subcontractor’s back office administration to ensure the project runs smoothly, vendors are paid on time, and you are protected from risk. We also provide a range of surety bonds if needed.

We offer the following services to General Contractors:

  • Project Accounting: Management of the subcontractor’s project funds and back office support services.
  • Bonding: We provide bid, payment and performance bonds on A.M. Best A-rated paper and can provide bonds for projects requiring a “T-Listed” surety.
  • Letters of Bondability: We provide your preferred subcontractors with prequalification letters for their projects.

The process is simple: You refer your preferred subcontractors to us and we take it from there. We quickly get your subcontractor bonded and enrolled in our Project Accounting program, which means they can be on the job in no time.