Bid, Payment and Performance Contract Bonds

Need a contract bond of $100,000 or more for an upcoming project? We can provide you with the bid, payment and performance bonds you require to grow your business. At Cinium, it’s your construction experience, not your bonding history, that matters.

Key Features Include:

  • Experience-driven underwriting ensures that your ability to complete the job takes priority in the decision-making process.
  • When others say no due to limited financial history, bad credit, or even bankruptcy, our construction professionals work to find a way to say “yes”.
  • Get the cash you need to grow your business with Requisition Cash Advances.
  • Have access to bonds for projects requiring a “T-Listed” surety.


We provide contract bonds for commercial projects with a minimum bond amount of $100,000.

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More Information About Contract Bonds from Cinium

We have created our bond and support services for small, mid-sized and emerging contractors who may not qualify for a bond with other sureties or may need larger bonding lines than their current sureties are able to provide.

An Underwriting Team Who Knows Construction

At Cinium, our approach to risk management works to ensure that the contractor is able to “perform” the job. We have staffed our underwriting team with people from the construction industry, not the insurance industry. This makes them uniquely qualified to assess the applicant’s ability to perform the job, by looking carefully at the applicant’s experience and capacity related to the work being bonded.

Once enrolled, you will have access to all of our other services and products:

  • Requisition Cash Advances: We provide cash when you need it the most.
  • Project Accounting: We provide project accounting services to ensure full payment and easier project closings.


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Get your free contract bond quote. We bond commercial projects with a minimum bond amount of $100,000.

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