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Cinium Saves Client Thousands of Dollars by Negotiating Lower Rates on Equipment

Our client, a cleaning and maintenance firm in St. Louis, MO, was paying astronomical rates to rent equipment. Through our Requisition Cash Advance program, we obtained funds to buy the equipment at a significantly lower rate than our client was paying to rent. We then set up a payment plan for the client to pay back the upfront cost of the equipment. Once the client owned the equipment, they put the money saved from no longer renting toward building the business.

Requisition Cash Advance Program Gets Payroll Processed on Time for Client with Limited Cash Flow

An exterior stucco contractor client in Miami, FL, was having difficulty getting payroll out on time due to tight cash flow. A major priority for this client is paying their labor contractors weekly to ensure they don’t walk off the job.  Our Requisition Cash Advance program has rescued this client multiple times by advancing payroll funds when they were unable to pay their labor contractors on time. Having this safety net gives our client the peace of mind that everyone is paid on time and labor contractors stay on the job.

Client Pays Back Debt to City and Gets Back to Work on Municipal Projects

Due to a substantial lien from a past city project, our mechanical contractor client in Philadelphia, PA, could not get bonding from standard sureties or take on new municipal projects. We obtained bonding for this client and collaborated with the city to set up a payment plan to pay down their debt. This allowed the client to work toward paying off the debt while also taking on new municipal projects. We are proud to report we kept this contractor working while fulfilling their financial obligations and we have now gotten this client bonding for multiple projects.

Project Accounting System Saves Client Locked Out of Their Records

Our client, a renovation contractor in New Orleans, LA, was unable to access their internal records when they needed to file 1099s with the IRS. The client called on us to help them access accounting records for 46 projects, knowing we could provide 100% backup while they were locked out of their system. Due to our Project Accounting recordkeeping, we were able to pull the necessary details and our client was able to prepare and submit their 1099s on time.


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